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Asia Geospatial Forum Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Abdel Kadir Bin Taib from Malaysia was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening ceremony of the Asia Geospatial Forum 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Professor Abdel Kadir Bin Taib, who started his professional career as a surveyor with the Department of Surveying and Mapping of Malaysia in 1978, studied photogrammetry at ITC in the period 1981 to 1985. Since June 2009, he has worked at the Survey and Mapping Department of Malaysia, where he is director- general. Professor Abdel Kadir Bin Taib has been active in a wide range of national and international forums in the field of surveying, mapping and geo-informatics, and has significantly participated in the development of surveying and geo-informatics education. Currently, he is professor at the Faculty of Geo-Information and Real Estate of the Technical University of Malaysia (UTM) and at the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying of the Technical University Mara.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Professor Abdel Kadir Bin Taib by Dr Asep Karsidi. Dr Karsidi, an ITC alumnus, is chairman of the National Agency for Geospatial Information.