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GIMA, 10 years celebration

Since 2003, Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente, have been jointly teaching the GIMA MSc. Next to offering the advanced uses of GIS, the GIMA programma is covering the management of geoinformation and spatial data infrastructures in organisations and management styles.
The GIMA MSc may be followed on a full-time (2 years) or part-time basis (4 years), offered in the format of a ‘blended learning programme’ (a combination of distance learning and contact hours). Since GIMA is predominantly a distance-learning programme, extensive use is made of various ICT media. In addition, the programme requires several short periods of intensive classroom attendance.

On 2 September 2013, the 10 years of existence of the GIMA MSc was celebrated at the ITC Faculty.

The day started with an outdoors mapping event. Together with ITC staff members, former and current GIMA students mapped points of interest in the city center of Enschede.  These points of interest were shared on the Web.

After a network lunch, Professor Ottens, emeritus Professor of the University of Utrecht, opened the celebration by sketching the early days of the GIMA programme.  After a presentation on the GIMA statistics during the past 10 years by the current GIMA chairman, Professor Menno-Jan Kraak, a presentation on the ‘Developments in GIScience and implications on education’ was given by Professor Weibel of the University of Zürich.

Two former GIMA students, Marije Louwsma and Rob de Wolff, shared their GIMA experiences with us and Ed Parsons of Google presented the trends in geoinformatics according to Google.