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ITC researcher Caroline Gevaert among Geospatial World 50 Rising Stars

During the Geospatial World Forum, held in Rotterdam at the start of May 2023, the Geospatial World 50 Rising Stars were celebrated. ITC researcher Caroline Gevaert is one of the 50 individuals that got a spotlight mention by GWF.

Dr. Gevaert is currently conducting a NWO Veni research about artificial intelligence and its relationship to developing responsible and viable solutions for geospatial data. Gevaert is a member of the Dutch Young Academy of Scientists and one of the featured scientists at UT. She was pleasantly surprised when she was informed about including her name on the list by Geospatial World.

Caroline Gevaert

It is great to have our impact recognized in many fora – outside of the scientific communities that we tend to focus on.

Caroline Gevaert

About the Geospatial 50 Rising Stars

The Geospatial World website states that the “geospatial industry today craves the infusion of youth into its ranks. The young professionals that represent Millennial and Generation Z voices. The bright young minds that help reimagine geospatial in a complex digital environment.” They have compiled a list of 50 individuals, or so-called ‘Rising Stars’, to highlight outstanding accomplishments of young individuals who are proactive and passionate about the value of geospatial technology to the society, the environment and the economy.