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'Veni' grant for Caroline Gevaert

Ten young researchers of the University of Twente were awarded a ‘Veni’ grant from Dutch Research Council NWO. One of them was ITC researcher dr. Caroline Gevaert. With this grant of 250,000 euro, she can work out her ideas for the coming three years. She is assistant professor at the Department of Earth Observation Science (EOS). 

Developing responsible and viable solutions for geospatial data

In this era of big geo-data and artificial intelligence, information collected by citizens, drones, and satellites is essential for sustainable development. However, current algorithms are designed to satisfy purely technical requirements, which limits their acceptance by society. Carolien will bridge this gap by developing novel, fair, and explicable geospatial solutions.

Veni grant

The Veni grant is part of NWO’s Talent Programme, for scientists in subsequent parts of their career: Veni, Vidi, Vici. This time, 161 Veni’s were awarded, 14% of the total number of submissions. University of Twente had 50 submissions, and scores 20%. In total, NWO invests 41.5 million euro in this round.