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How ITC employees keep going and growing! How teamwork works, and how to become a professor. Let the stories of the people involved inspire you!


Carmen Anthonj

"At ITC I feel empowered in creating opportunities for pushing my work forward"

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Michiel Bresser

"People should try to identify what they're good at"

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Emile Dopheide

"I have been able to grow with the developments of our organization"

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Belinda Jaarsma-Knol

"Networking is a skill I already had. I took it to a new level at ITC"

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Mark van der Meijde

"Creating real impact is a matter of team effort"

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Ivan Oliveira

"In a way I have been shaping my own position here"

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Raúl Zurita-Milla

"We need to learn to talk to each other"

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How to become a professor

There are different ways of becoming a professor at ITC. For some, the professorship is the culmination of years of hard work in a tenure track. Others get there by simply applying for a professor position on offer, either as an ITC insider or as an external candidate. For still others, being appointed professor is primarily based on merit and track record. But how does it all work in practice? What do people with professorial ambitions really have to go through? Which route do they follow, what obstacles do they encounter and what does actually becoming a professor bring them in the end? To answer these and similar questions, we interviewed five recently appointed ITC professors about their experiences. On this page, we will be publishing their personal stories one by one as the year progresses.

Freek van der Meer, Dean Faculty ITC

In the end, there is only one thing that really counts at ITC – to make a difference by contributing to a better world and a fair society. So if you're thinking about going for a professorship here, whether as an ITC colleague or from a position outside our faculty, trust me; it will be worth it.

Freek van der Meer, Dean Faculty ITC
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Justine Blanford

Justine Blanford became the UT's first full professor with an emphasis on teaching

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Norman Kerle

Norman Kerle was the first to ever finish the ITC Tenure Track.

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Mark van der Meijde

Mark van der Meijde was ITC's very first Tenure Tracker.

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Cees van Westen

Cees van Westen was qualified for professorship based on his merits and track record.

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Wieteke Willemen

Wieteke Willemen applied for a professor position while in the middle of a tenure track.

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Raúl Zurita-Milla

Raúl Zurita-Milla took the tenure track route to the full professorship

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