Research themes

Forest Agriculture and Environment in the Spatial Sciences (FORAGES)

The Department of Natural Resources comprises three knowledge clusters: Agriculture, Environment and Forestry with a focus on biodiversity, food security and forest biomass. The mission is the sustainable management and meeting of societal needs from the green cover (biosphere) by applying and developing geo-information, earth observation and spatio-temporal analytical tools. Spatial information is used to assess, monitor, plan and manage natural resources. Cross-cutting topics include human impacts as well as technology applications including hyperspectral remote sensing, physical modeling, infrastructure (cloud computing, wireless etc.) and sensor networks. NRS is active in spatial environmental health as well as natural resource security.

Research theme Forest Agriculture and Environment in the Spatial Sciences (FORAGES)
Departmental Professors Spatial Agriculture and Food Security
Prof. dr. Andy Nelson
Spatial Environmental Resource Dynamics
Prof. dr. Andrew Skidmore
Spatial Environmental Quality
Prof. dr. ir. Tom Veldkamp (PM; Dean)
Group Memberships PE&RC, SENSE, TGS, LifeWatch
Keywords Biodiversity, Agriculture, Vegetation, GIS, Remote Sensing