• Earth Observation Science (EOS)

    Earth Observation Science (EOS) more

    The department of Earth Observation Science deals with earth observation technology for problem solving. Problem solving means primarily identification of solutions for large-volume producers of geo-information and identification of solutions for application domains.

  • Earth Systems Analysis (ESA)

    Earth Systems Analysis (ESA) more

    The department of Earth Systems Analysis combines earth science knowledge with spatial modelling and advanced remote sensing to understand earth processes in space and time. Our education and research contribute to a sustainable use of energy and earth resources, and help reduce disaster risk and the impact of natural hazards on society.

  • Geo-information Processing (GIP)

    Geo-information Processing (GIP) more

    The department of Geo-information Processing (GIP) deals with the technological and methodological aspects of geo-information processing and infrastructure to solve complex application problems and to develop technology-oriented concepts for the new geo-information society.

  • Natural Resources (NRS)

    Natural Resources (NRS) more

    The Department's mission is the sustainable management and meeting of societal needs from the green cover (biosphere) by applying and developing geo-information, earth observation and spatio-temporal analytical tools. The Department uses earth observation data and spatial information in combination with systems modeling, geo-information science (GIS) and remote sensing for the assessment, monitoring, planning and management of natural resources, for their sustainable use, development and restoration under global change.

  • Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management (PGM)

    Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management (PGM) more

    The department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management is responsible for developing capacity of organizations that are involved in the field of geo-information management for multi-level governance of urban regions, primarily for and in countries that are technologically and/or economically less developed.

  • Water Resources (WRS)

    Water Resources (WRS) more

    The department of Water Resources is a multidisciplinary scientific department specialising in scientific research and education in earth observation and geo-information sciences for the understanding, monitoring, predicting and sustainable use and management of water resources.

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