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2023 Schermerhorn Lecture at the ITC Opening Academic Programme

During the “Kick-In” Introduction Week at the University of Twente, students from the ITC Faculty were welcomed at their new building, Langezijds. During the introduction they toured around the building to discover the classrooms, study spaces, laboratories and facilities where they will kick off their impactful careers for the next two years.

After this tour and a cycling workshop, the ITC Opening Academic Programme was presented in front of the main doors of the building. The Dean, Freek Van Der Meer, welcomed the new students and set the stage for the Schermerhorn lectures, given by Cheryl de Boer and Janneke Ettema. These introductory lectures take place yearly, honouring Professor Schermerhorn, the first dean of the ITC Faculty.

Cheryl de Boer – The Climate Centre: work together to contribute to climate challenges while studying at the ITC Faculty

At the first part of the Schermerhorn lecture, Cheryl de Boer took the stand and introduced the Climate Centre of the University of Twente.

Given the grand challenges that stand before us as a society, some students may understandably feel overwhelmed and powerless. . The Climate Centre of the University of Twente responds to this call with a mission to provide students with opportunities for inspiration, to learn about and to contribute actively to these climate challenges. The UT Climate Centre supports activities that cross geo-, techno- and social boundaries in academia as a unique and necessary way to collaborate with partners outside the university campus who are also working towards solutions to the climate challenges

Cheryl De Boer

While it’s natural to feel anxiety in the face of such a crisis, it's crucial to understand that action can transform that anxiety into something positive and empowering

Cheryl De Boer

Janneke Ettema – A journey to achieve critical skills against climate challenges

Janneke Ettema presented the second part of the Schermerhorn lecture to inspire students during their stay at the ITC. Within the walls of our building, our new students can acquire not only knowledge but also many skills that they will use in their careers facing climate challenges. On their learning journey, they will learn a lot, not only in the research scope; but also in other professional skills such as teamwork and communication skills to create space for exploring innovative solutions together with stakeholders.

Janneke Ettema

To reduce the impact of climate change we need everyone on board

Janneke Ettema

More information about the Climate Centre

One of the most urgent challenges of the 21st century is climate change. To address this global issue, society and universities have an essential role. The University of Twente Climate Centre has the mission to empower students, staff and society to maximize their impact on climate change mitigation.

The Climate Centre has a transdisciplinary approach in research, education, impact, community, and communication to reach a common goal; collectively address climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges. Visit the Climate Centre website here.

H. García (Héctor)
Impact and Communications Officer