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ITC faculty now located on UT campus 'Our new home, a place to be proud of'

The Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation has moved to the University of Twente campus. From Monday 24 April 2023, lecture rooms, workrooms, and lab spaces will be available in Langezijds and no longer in the former ITC building on Hengelosestraat.

The first moving boxes - those of ITC's laboratory - were already unloaded in Langezijds at the beginning of April. The bulk of the move took place last week. The move was deliberately planned around the May holidays. 'This way we limit the burden on students and colleagues,' says director of operations David Korringa. 'The first step was made in 2010, when ITC became a faculty of the University of Twente. To see everything realized now is great. The building is really designed for the students and staff of ITC,' says Dean Freek van der Meer. 

Smooth move

The move went relatively smoothly, says building manager Marco Boevink. He played a key role during the intensive relocation period. 'Of course, as always with any move of this scale, there are unexpected issues that you have to solve quickly. For example, a burst water pipe was outside close to the Langezijds loading and unloading area. With adequate help from several UT colleagues and contractors, the fault was quickly fixed and the move was not delayed. I can only say that I am extremely satisfied with how the move has gone over the past few weeks.'

The first day in Langezijds

On Monday morning, Dean Freek van der Meer welcomed all staff and students to their new home. Around half past 10, colleagues and students were surprised with music by UT orchestra ToHuWaBoHu and an act by UT breakdance association Break-Even. Drone pilot Timothy Roberts took a photo of all students and staff on the stairs in the main entrance.

Many staff members had already seen the building during one of the tours offered, but the building really came alive on Monday with all the students and staff studying and working in it. 'I am hugely impressed with this building and the whole atmosphere,' says Casper Rossing, 'I am looking forward to working here with all ITC colleagues.' On Monday 24 April, ITC students attended their first lectures in Langezijds. 'I look forward to studying in Langezijds together with all ITC students. This is a new chapter and we are so happy to finally be here on campus, in our new home,' said student Liza Roman Carrillo. 

Sustainable building

In 2010, ITC became a faculty of the University of Twente. The move to O&O Square is seen as 'the ultimate capstone of ITC's integration at UT'. The renovated Langezijds has 'green lungs': inside the building are gardens, surrounded by study and work areas. Those inner gardens are not just there for decoration, they also help with natural ventilation. There are also solar panels on the roof and we reuse the old awnings for the facade. We also try to collect rainwater, which we can then use to water the plants in the indoor gardens,' says Marco Boevink.

Visit Langezijds during the Open House on 3 June 2023

The general public in Twente and surrounding areas are welcome to come and admire Langezijds and the world of ITC during the Open House on Saturday 3 June. Would you like to take a digital look at Langezijds? You can do so in advance via itc.nl/3dmodel.

R. Kwakman MSc (Robin)
Communication Advisor (Faculty ITC)