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Reforestation projects to offset Co2 emissions from flight

Since 2018, the faculty of ITC annually offsets flights by neutralizing their CO2 footprint. All flights via KLM, Air France and Delta Air Lines compensate ITC through reforestation projects offered by these airlines. To offset the remaining flights, ITC chooses its own projects each year. This year, the Nicaforest project was chosen.   

Climate protection project in Panama

The chosen project in Panama (which is called CO2OL Tropical Mix) provides for sustainable timber production and cocoa cultivation; it protects biodiversity and restores a healthy forest ecosystem. Sustainable forest management and cocoa production offer employment opportunities, therefore improving the economic and social situation of rural communities and families. Moreover, the project helps to promote mutual learning and knowledge transfer.

Nicaforest in Nicaragua

The Nicaforest Program has 490 hectares of land under management and aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable value chain by working closely with local landowners in a Shared Benefit Scheme. The program plants teak and other valuable species for future timber production and added-value wood production as well as other measures aimed at increasing resilience in the local municipalities.

Sustainability at the University of Twente

Flight compensation is in line with the ITC's and the University of Twente's ambition to be a sustainable, CO2-neutral organisation. Across the university, the UT is active with various sustainable initiatives. Sustainability is an important theme in the university's strategy, Shaping2030. Extra capacity has been made available to support initiatives with expertise in the field of the environment and sustainability. Departments and faculties are also working closely together to save energy on campus.