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Photo by Rikkert Harink

Julianapenning awarded to Saskia Tempelman ‘I’ve always felt like we are one big family at ITC’

Saskia Tempelman has received the Julianapenning of the University of Twente at her farewell reception on Thursday 2 March. This award exists since 2000 and goes to people with great merits for the UT: employees, students or people from outside the University of Twente.

Saskia will retire on 1 April 2023 after more than 45 years of service. She joined ITC at the age of 20, on 13 September 1977, where she started as a secretary. When ITC and UT merged in 2010, Saskia also joined UT, and became part of the Marketing & Communications department in 2013. From her role there, she was still closely involved with ITC.

Saskia supported many academics in organising conferences and events. She also trained as a translator and was happy to assist colleagues in editing texts. For PhD candidates at ITC, she was a great support: she knew them all, and stood by them in word and deed. She was always equally helpful to everyone, as hostess, translator, ICT support person, web editor.

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