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PARATUS project awarded Horizon Europe grant

The PARATUS project submitted to Horizon Europe Framework Programme in Disaster Resilient Society 2021 call by researchers from ITC faculty was awarded funding of 5 million euros by receiving a perfect score of fifteen out of fifteen. Partners are currently preparing the grant agreement. The expected start date of the project is the 1st of October 2022.

The PARATUS project aims to provide stakeholders in disaster risk management with tools to account for cross-sectoral impacts and the dynamic nature of compounding disasters. The team will develop an open-source platform for the dynamic risk assessment that can analyze and evaluate multi-hazard impact chains, risk reduction measures, and disaster response scenarios.

Funda Atun

We will develop new exposure and vulnerability analysis methods that enable systemic risk assessment across sectors and geographic settings. These methods will be used to analyze risk changes across space and time and to develop new scenarios and risk mitigation options together with various stakeholders, using innovative serious games and social simulations.

Funda Atun

''The ongoing pandemic and climate crisis have taught us hard lessons about the systemic impact of compounding disasters", says Funda Atun. "Stakeholders in disaster risk management are faced with the challenge to adapt their risk reduction policies but lack the tools to account for the cross-sectoral impacts and dynamic nature of the risks involved. With PARATUS, we aim to fill this gap by developing an open-source platform for dynamic risk assessment.''


The title of the project is ‘Promoting disaster preparedness and resilience by co-developing stakeholder support tools for managing the systemic risk of compounding disasters’. It lasts four years and consists of nineteen partners from 12 countries and four case studies on various scales (Istanbul, Romania, Alps, and the Caribbean Islands). UT is the coordinator of the project. The core coordination team is composed of Dr. Cees van Westen, Dr. Funda Atun, and Dr. Dinand Alkema. Several researchers from ITC and Dr. Ben Witvliet from ET will contribute to the research and innovation activities during the PARATUS project. Visit this webpage to learn more about the Centre for Disaster Resilience at ITC.