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100,000th data set deposited in DANS EASY by Irene Garcia-Marti

On 17 October there was a special occasion at the Faculty Bureau: the data set of Irene Garcia-Martí was the 100,000th data set deposited in DANS EASY. 

PhD graduate Irene Garcia-Martí and Research Support Coordinator Marga Koelen have ensured that the number of data sets accessible through the online archiving system DANS EASY has risen to 100,000. DANS congratulated Irene Garcia-Martí and Marga Koelen with a cake that was delivered on 17 October. The data set of Irene Garcia-Martí can be found via the Persistent Identifier: https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zre-tggd.

Irene’s promotor and supervisor, Raul Zurita-Milla, supports open scholarship practices and, as such, he encouraged Irene to submit her data set to DANS EASY. As a reaction to the nice surprise, he said “with this, FAIR data has clearly become the sweet spot for team science”.

Irene reacted on the news: "Science is about reusing the knowledge and the building blocks created by researchers before us. Initiatives like DANS facilitate this continuous recycling and sharing of ideas and speed up new research lines".

Good scientific practice aims to carefully manage research data during and archive the data after every research project. It is important to keep the raw, processed and/or analyzed data available, as well as any documentation that is necessary for understanding the data and the way it was collected, processed and analyzed. Archiving plays an important role in accountability issues and allows the researcher to reuse his/her own data or to return to earlier stages of the research process when needed. As a result, research is becoming increasingly reproducible and verifiable.

The ITC/UT policy on data management is based on leading principles in the area of research data management, such as the FAIR principles, and on national frameworks such as the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

Data archiving should not conflict with agreements and conditions set by data suppliers and should be stored according to the GDPR.

Important for ITC is that our guidelines do not constrain any research and researchers, and implementation of data policy is part of the research workflow. At ITC we have chosen the DANS EASY repository for storing our research data. DANS EASY is the online archiving system for depositing and reusing research data. DANS EASY gives access to 100,000 data sets, of which more than 42,000 are available to the public (after logging in). EASY contains data sets from the humanities, health sciences, social and behavioral sciences and the life sciences. Research data can be shared with others via EASY. In this way we ensure sustainable access to and reuse of research data. ITC has almost 100 datasets stored in DANS EASY.

ITC wants all ITC researchers to deposit their research data as soon as an article is published. As one of the critical points in the recent research evaluation data storage is important for validating our research. As soon as the data are deposited in DANS Easy, the dataset receives a Persistent Identifier and this can be used when you publish your article. One advantage of this policy is that you do not have to store your data with the commercial publisher.

We welcome everybody to look at the dataset of Irene as a nice example of data deposit in favour of research validation.