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The Human Planet Initiative

The Human Planet initiative is structured in one steering committee and several expert groups organized by thematic areas. Each expert group supports the main actions of the initiative from a specific thematic point of view. All the partners have access to pre-release data and tools in order to run their own early testing activities before the public releases.

The experts groups of the thematic areas provide support to the partnership for advice in selection of the input sources, for design and implementation of specific indicators and review of the results and for advice in delivering the shared findings as in the periodic releases of the “Atlas of the Human Planet”.  Each expert group has one point of contact or chair, who facilitates the exchanges between the Human Planet and the experts of the specific thematic area. The point of contact can also represent the Human Planet via contacts with external communities of practice and experts to foster dedicated fluxes of exchanges with the Human Planet partnership.

The steering committee includes representatives of institutions involved in the post-2015 frameworks, key experts of the Human Planet invited by members of the steering committee, and the chairs of the Human Planet expert groups. The steering committee will review the Atlas contents and will vote the key messages delivered in the Human Planet outreach activities: typically, the yearly releases of the “Atlas of the Human Planet”.