Human Planet Forum

Expert groups

The preliminary list of the Human Planet expert groups is reported below. In bold the established groups, in grey the new groups currently under discussion.

  1. Global harmonized definition of cities and settlements
    Point of Contact from the Economic Analysis Unit at European Commission DG for Regional and Urban Policy (L.Dijkstra)
  2. New global settlement data and civil society
    Point of Contact from the Pennsylvania University, Penn Institute for Urban Research - Penn IUR (G. Birch)
  3. Global Settlements in Disaster Risk Reduction
    Point of Contact from the Global Partnership on Space Technology Applications for Disaster Risk Reduction GP-STAR (tbd)
  4. Global Urban Climate and Mitigation Planning
    Point of Contact from the  World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools (WUDAPT) (G. Mills)
  5. Global updated and historical baseline data on population and built-up areas
    Point of contact from the
    JRC Global Human Settlement Layer (T.Kemper)
  6. Global high resolution age-structured population maps 2000 - 2020
    Point of contact from the Univ. of Southampton, WorldPop (A.J.Tatem)
  7. Global Settlements, Infrastructure, and Population Data Intercomparison
    Point of contact from the Columbia Univ., Center for International Earth Science Information Network (B.Chen)
  8. Global historical baseline on human settlements and surface water dynamics
    Point of Contact from the JRC Global Surface Water (A. Belward)
  9. Global future population grids including demography and migration
    Point of Contact from the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research. (D.Balk)
  10. Global urban metabolism
    Point of Contact from the University of Denver Department of Geography & the Environment (P. Sutton)
  11. Urbanization dynamics in China and the “one belt one road” region
    Point of Contact from the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences (LinLin Lu)
  12. Capacity building and traineeships
    Point of Contact from the ITC Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente (R. Sliuzas)