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Housewarming @ ITC Langezijds

Come to Langezijds on Friday 2 June between 10:00 and 12:00 and join our small housewarming programme. In short back-to-back presentations, you can learn more about all the different aspects regarding the design of Langezijds. You can join us from 09:45 onwards.

Programme (10:00 - 12:00)

Location: main entrance and classroom 1208

Between 10:00 and 12:00 several speakers talk about the construction and design of Langezijds. In short presentations of 20 minutes you will learn details from the architect (Rick ten Doeschate), the innovative air purification process (Rienk Hiddema) and more. The main entrance at Langezijds is the ‘hub’ this morning where most of the presentations will be held. Classroom 1208 will also be used that morning for presentations regarding Langezijds. Confirmed guest speaker during this morning are:

· Architect Rick ten Doeschate: ‘How sustainability, the specific ITC culture and the design of the campus and the existing Langezijds building led to the architecture of the new ITC faculty’
· Interior architect Ellen Schild: ‘How we made a design that supports and reflects the ITC community and identity’.
· Rienk Hiddema from Valstar Simonis: ‘The innovative air purification process that is used in the Langezijds building’.

Also, from ITC, the following staff members are also presenting:

· Johannes Flacke > Design and interactive space for co-creating (DISC)
· Mila Koeva > Digital twin application
· Chris Hecker and Karin van den Nieuwenhuijzen > Experience the GeoScience Laboratories at ITC
· Heather Handley > An introduction to the Centre for Disaster Resilience

If you want to learn more about the world of ITC, be sure to also visit Langezijds during the UT Open House on Saturday 3 June, because there will be even more presentations held that day.