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From the space to the ground: An introduction to GIS Workshop

Have you asked yourself how Google Maps finds the best route from the city centre to the nearest bus stop?

Have you ever wondered why certain stores pop up in specific locations?

What about weather forecasting? Have you thought about how meteorologists analyse and visualize weather patterns?

Whether you’re navigating through the city, checking the weather, or deciding where to open a new shop, the Geo Information Systems (also known as GIS) are quietly working behind the scenes to make life a bit more organized and informed.

At ITC, we worry about the current global changes that our society faces. That’s why we engage in the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in food security and agriculture, energy transition, geohealth, climate change adaptation, urban development and smart cities, disaster risk reduction, and land administration. Through our education, we learn how to apply GIS to solve these big challenges. For instance, we can predict the urban expansion of a city or assess the flood risk of a region.

However, we know that there are more challenges beyond our study fields and that non-GIS experts might feel intimidated. Trust us, GIS can also be a tool for you!

Do you want to learn the basics of GIS? Join us on December 6th in the workshop “From the space to the ground: an introduction to GIS
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In this workshop offered by the master students of ITC, the Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente, you can learn how planners decide where the best place is to construct new infrastructure, analyse the street network of our cities and make recommendations about how to manage the space around us.

Get ready to

●      Learn the basic concepts and main components of a Geographical Information Science (GIS), and how it can be used to solve a real-world problem.

●      Get hands-on experience, you will be provided with two demo options on how to work with spatial data such as: doing vector analysis using GIS software’s or using Planning Support Systems (PSS).

When and where

Mark your calendar for December 6th  from 15:00 to 17:00

ITC Langezijds building - Hallenweg  7522 NH Enschede


The event is free of cost, it only requires that you register through this link for one of the two workshops that we will offer.

Skills and knowledge required

This workshop will be in English, but no previous knowledge is required. Participants with a minimum of secondary vocational education (MBO) are welcomed. 

Additional information

This workshop will be delivered by students and professors from Faculty ITC, University of Twente.

We have limited seats; hence the confirmation is based on a first come first serve basis. Once registered, the detailed workshop schedule and other details will be shared. Student volunteers will be available to help during the session. 

We look forward to your registrations and an interactive workshop. Please contact the below people for any further queries about the workshop content or registrations: 

Liza Román - Student MSc Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation


Udit Sarkar - Student MSc Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation