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Planning inclusive and sustainable cities Celebrating UN Urban October

We are celebrating the UN Urban October with an event called "Planning inclusive and sustainable cities". This event features a panel discussion with guest speakers. We hope to offer valuable insights and knowledge on global and local best practices in planning for sustainable urban transitions. The goal is to discuss how cities from both the global north and south are using urban planning and urban governance to support the transformation of our cities and neighbourhoods into more environmentally-friendly spaces. We plan to discuss strategies to leave no one behind in promoting more sustainable urban environments, namely the inclusion of less privileged socio-demographic groups and neighbourhoods.

Join us and learn more about the Urban Lab! This is an informal learning space to showcase urban initiatives. Join the conversation between interested people on urban issues at the city, global north, and global south issues, and connect with other students and staffmembers from different UT faculties that are interested in urban challenges.

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