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Workshop: Leadership in diverse research environments for aspiring researchers

Are you a PhD candidate? Postdoc? Or otherwise at the outset of your research career?

This workshop explores leadership principles and expectations for aspiring researchers who want to secure leadership positions in higher education during a time of changing global demographics and challenges where teams will be more diverse and international in nature.

As recent global events have shown, there is a real value to global research collaborations. These collaborations will become more common in the future as researchers tackle significant international challenges. Ensuring you have the skills to manage, negotiate, deliver, and lead diverse research teams is critical.

Leading research teams is a rewarding and critical part of being a researcher in higher education worldwide. Whether as a principal investigator (PI), work package leader, departmental or faculty research director or research team member, we all have crucial roles to play to make research a success. But making diversity and internationalization work in research is both rewarding and a challenge.

This workshop will help you take those first steps to make equalitydiversity, and inclusion (EDI) a natural part of your leadership approach.

Our four-hour workshop on March 31, 12:30 – 16:30 will equip you with the tools, perspectives and next steps to grow your leadership skills. This is followed by two one-hour follow-ups one and three months after the main workshop.

The workshop is run by Jakob Feldtfos Christensen from DIVERSIunity (Denmark) and Lachlan Smith from Cloud Chamber (UK). They have both worked with the research sector for more than 10 years. They are both openly gay men and use their experiences in their work

To make room for questions and discussions, there are only 16 seats available at the workshop.

Leadership in diverse research environments for aspiring researchers