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NCG Seminar on Point Clouds online in three blocks (block 1)

Unfortunately, the NCG seminar on Point clouds of 27 March 2020 was cancelled because of the Corona virus. The NCG commission on Core Spatial Data has decided to organise the seminar differently, namely online and in three blocks of 1 hour. So, instead of a half day seminar, we organize three shorter online and interactive sessions. These will be held on three consecutive Thursdays from 12.45 to 13.45.

The programme is as follows:

Block 1 - Thursday 28 May:

  • Florent Poux (U Liege), Automatic extraction and management of semantics within point cloud data
  • Robert Voûte (CGI), From the Pointless algorithm to IndoorGML, point clouds deliver fast methods for indoor mapping and navigation networks

Block 2 - Thursday 4 June:

  • Markus Schütz (TUW), Continuous and Progressive Point Cloud Rendering Methods
  • Jesús Balado Frías (TUD/U Vigo), Mathematical morphology in point clouds to detect horizontal surfaces in indoor environments

Block 3 - Thursday 11 June:

  • Pierre Alliez (INRIA), Robust shape reconstruction from point clouds
  • Uwe Stilla (TUM), Change detection of urban objects using 3D point clouds

Participation is free and will be held via the online platform https://videobelpilot.surf.nl/ncg_pointcloudseminar (no need for extra software, best results are in Chrome browser).

Please subscribe by sending an email with name and organisation to s.j.oudeelberink@utwente.nl.

Peter van Oosterom, Robert Vôute and Sander Oude Elberink