Dronobox workshop

The DronoBox Workshop is an initiative from A3T, the student Drone Team from Twente

The DronoBox workshop is an open-source initiative by A3T to teach UAV technology to anyone. During a workshop, a participant learns how to build a drone! The fundamentals of flight theory of multirotor, the basic components required to build one, how to assemble these parts and make the final assembly fly are explained, all in only 3 hours


To recap the DronoBox workshop and cover all the important points:

● The workshop covers the theory and practice of multirotor (drones) technology

● It is open to all ITC students, no matter the background 

● It takes 3 hours to conduct - But it can be shortened to 1h (not as much detailed)

● And of course, it's a lot of fun!

You can find more information about the DronoBox workshop and A3T, the Aerobotic Tech Team Twente, on their website


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Contact person

dr. F.C. Nex (Francesco)
Assistant Professor