NCG Symposium 2019

Invitation to participate and presentations

On Thursday, 21 November the NCG organizes its annual NCG Symposium, at the University of Twente - Faculty ITC. The symposium is free of charge and intended for all researchers and students of Dutch universities, academies, and institutes that are active in the field of Geodesy and Geo-Informatics. 

The symposium is also free of charge for everyone else who is interested, for instance, professionals from the commercial and operative area.

This year, the Baarda Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Monika Sester of the Leibnitz University Hannover, Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics.

For your presentation, you are invited to submit the title, author’s name and summary (about five lines) by 27 September by e-mail to

The contributions received will be assessed by the program commission, and upon acceptance, the authors will be notified about the allocated time slot for their presentation before 15 October.

The symposium includes all active research activities in the domain of the Geodesy and Geo-Informatics. 

Registration for speakers and participants is required. The registration is in order of submission, and the number of participants is limited (full = full).

The deadline for registration is 1 November 2019.

The full program of the day will be announced shortly on the website of the NCG:

Download the template for title submissions and find more information on the relevant development and themes on the invitation on the following link: