Guest lecture Sisi Zlatanova 3D indoor modelling. Challenges and opportunities

Sisi Zlatanova is a professor and head of GRID at the Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney. Sisi has been conducting research in many aspects of 3D geoinformation: data representation, structuring, analysis and BIM/GIS integration. Her recent research concentrates on 3D Indoor modelling and navigation. She is author and co-author of more than 400 papers and 23 books. She has been involved in the work of several international organisations. She is the president of ISPRS TC IV on Spatial Information science, the treasurer of UDMS and a co-chair of OGC SWG IndoorGML.


Research in support of indoor mapping and modelling (IMM) has been active for over thirty years. This research has come in the form of As-Built surveys, Data structuring, Visualisation techniques, Navigation models and so forth. Much of this research is founded on advancements in photogrammetry, computer vision and image analysis, computer graphics, robotics, laser scanning and many others. While IMM is used to be the privy of engineers,  planners,  consultants,  contractors,  and designers,  this is no longer the case as commercial enterprises and individuals are also beginning to apply indoor models for navigation and facility management or Smart Cities and Digital twins. During the presentation challenges and opportunities related to IMM and the users will be shared and discussed.