Matthew Bruno (USA)

Private and personal life is full of situations in which having and understanding appropriate geo-information is crucial for making the right decisions at the right time. The technologies supporting these processes form the core of geoinformatics. Technological skills alone, however, are not sufficient for organizations involved in the production and management of such geo-information.

Owing to the rapid changes and developments in geo-information acquisition, analysis and dissemination, these organizations require scientific staff that can keep pace with and validate the relevancy of such developments, design new systems and infrastructures, and explore cutting-edge technology for efficient and effective implementation.

No matter who you are or where you're from, at the faculty ITC of the University of Twente you can immerse yourself in a vibrant, integrated and multicultural community. A community of individuals seeking to create their own destiny and impact the world in which we live. Are you ready for a global experience? Get inspired! In this video Matthew from the United States, studying for his master degree in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Geoinformatics at ITC, shares his ITC experience!