Cassiano Bastos Moroz (Brazil)

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional
Cassiano Bastos Moroz (from Brazil)

I discovered the University of Twente through some professors from my institution in Brazil, and after deeply exploring UT’s website, I realized how connected it is to my own personal and professional aspirations.

Cassiano Bastos Moroz (from Brazil)

Hey everyone! My name is Cassiano and, since August 2019, I am pursuing a Master’s of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation at the Faculty ITC of the University of Twente. I was born and raised in Castro, a small town (in the Brazilian context, because it is almost the size of Enschede) in Southern Brazil that is home of a tiny Dutch village (Castrolanda), but in 2013 I moved to Curitiba to undertake a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, from which I graduated in 2018. 

The Netherlands

It is such a great task for me to share a little of my experience in the Netherlands and particularly at the University of Twente. Since the beginning of 2018 I had searched a range of opportunities in different countries to study in a top-ranked university and strengthen my knowledge in natural disaster reduction, which is my field of study. The University of Twente is innovative, entrepreneurial, high-tech, international, inclusive, sustainable, technological, among many other adjectives I could cite in this text. From the few weeks I have been in Enschede, I could experience the inspiring atmosphere at UT and how helpful it is regarding any issue that we, as students, can face while studying abroad.

The city of Enschede

And of course, I cannot finish this text without mentioning how is to be in Enschede. I, as a Brazilian student who is used to live in an apartment in the 22nd floor surrounded by skyscrapers, could never imagine that the small Enschede, with approximately 160,000 inhabitants, would be so diverse and dynamic as it is. To live here means to live close to nature and only 6 km from Germany, cycle to the Campus, explore cafes and street markets, meet people from all over the world, but also often face the unpredictable Dutch weather. And even more important, to live in the Netherlands is to be within few hours from dozens of cultures and incredible cities, to be in the gateway for Europe and to have the freedom to be who you are.

The right place for you?

It is a pleasure to share with you a little of my impressions from here. If you want to be a lifelong learner, to strengthen your skills and abilities in a technological field of study, or to live a life-changing experience while studying in an international atmosphere, the University of Twente is the right place for you.