William Georgetti Scholarships

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional

The purpose of the William Georgetti Scholarship is to encourage postgraduate study and research, normally in New Zealand, in a field that in the opinion of the Scholarship Board is important to the social, cultural or economic development of New Zealand.

During his lifetime Mr. Georgetti farmed an extensive property at Fernhill, near Hastings. Mr Georgetti believed that "whatever fluctuations there may be in prices for primary produce and in land values and whatever vicissitudes the said Dominion may pass through farming land will always be the most stable asset in which to invest money".

See the regulations for further information.

Scholarship value

The award can be up to $NZ45,000 per year. Have a look at the overview of the estimated costs of living in the Netherlands (excluding tuition fees).

Scholars are expected to commence their postgraduate programme by 1 November in the year the scholarship is awarded. The term of each William Georgetti scholarship is up to three years; the Selection Board has discretion to vary the term of a scholarship. The number of scholarships awarded in any year is determined by the Selection Committee.

Eligible courses and countries

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • New Zealand

Application requirements

Applicants must:

  1. Have resided in New Zealand for a period of at least five years immediately preceding the year of selection (refer to the Regulations for further information).
  2. Be of good moral character and repute. 
  3. Be of good health.  
  4. Hold a degree from a university in New Zealand or elsewhere or any other academic qualification of a university or other institution of learning (in New Zealand or elsewhere) reasonably equivalent in the opinion of the Scholarship Board to a degree of a university in New Zealand.

Applications will not be accepted from people who are enrolled in a postgraduate programme of study or research if, at the closing date for applications:


Eligible and complete applications will first be reviewed by the applicant’s New Zealand university. If the applicant is not a graduate of a New Zealand university the application will be reviewed by a member of the Universities NZ Scholarships Committee. From these reviews a limited number of applications will be submitted to the Scholarship Board for assessment. The Scholarship Board will then short list a number of candidates who will be invited to a personal interviewin Wellington.

In exceptional circumstances a telephone interview may be held. No scholarship will be awarded without an interview. The interviews will normally be held in April or May in the year of selection. The Scholarship Board will decide how many scholarships may be awarded in any year.If the Scholarship Board is of the opinion that there are no candidatesof sufficient merit then no scholarships will be awarded. The Scholarship Board’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into following the selection meeting.

How to apply

Candidates must apply for the scholarship using the Universities NZ on-line scholarship application website. Applications must be submitted by 1 February in the year of selection. The on-line application process will request, and candidates must provide:

The William Georgetti Scholarship
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