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Fondo para el Desarrollo de Recursos Humanos (FIDERH)

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FIDERH is a federal trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico to offer affordable loans to Mexican students to finance their graduate studies, for instance the University of Twente in the Netherlands.


To obtain the loan the students have to participate in one of the application periods published on the FIDERH website. Generally, there are 4 calls for application each year in January, March, May and July, subject to the budget availability. Scholars can send their applications from Mexico or also from abroad as FIDERH also finances studies that students have already started.



To check the current application results: https://www.fiderh.org.mx/convocatorias.html.

Detailed information.

Detailed information FIDERH in Spanish

Scholarship value

NOTE: This is a loan scheme, not a scholarship! You receive the loan once you start your programme, not before (to consider this for the Visa application).

financial scheme

The financial scheme is divided in three stages:

Studying period

The students receive annual stipends to cover tuition fees, living expenses or medical insurance. During this period, students do not reimburse any of the loan and there is no interest accumulated on your loan. Study reports should be submitted constantly to keep the 0% interest rate while studying.

Grace period

After finishing your studies, FIDERH allows a 12 month grace period, meaning you will not have to reimburse any of the loan instalments in the first year.

Payment period

Students have ten years to pay back the loan in 40 quarterly installments. Students who pay on time, are eligible to receive a discount or a cancellation in the interest rate. They also can make advanced payments without penalties.



Maximum length



24 months

400,000 MXN (or equivalent in Euro's) per year.

Maximum of 800,000 MXN for the whole program (Master or PhD)


36 months

Eligible programmes AND COUNTRies

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Mexico

Application requirements

How to apply

When you wish to know more on how to apply for the FIDERH loan press the apply button below for further information.