Jorges Nofulla (Albania)

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional

My name is Jorges Nofulla, I am 23 years old and I come from Pogradec, a city in the east of Albania. I am specializing in Geoinformatics. 

Why did you choose ITC?

I chose ITC for many reasons, one of them being because I love this profession. Also, a friend of mine studied here before; she knew that I was interested in this, and she recommended it. Then I went to the official website, saw what ITC offers, checked the world rankings, and thought, ok, this is for me.

So far, I like the way things work here. It’s a good atmosphere, professors and students are friendly with each other, and if you don’t understand something, they find a way to explain it to you. I am used to teachers having some hierarchy, but here they are very friendly, you can talk to them like friends, and they will reply in a friendly manner.

What do you enjoy the most about studying abroad?

I enjoy the fact that there are so many people from so many different countries here, and you see them all working together to come up with a single solution to a problem.

I am still getting used to everything, but being able to use English everywhere really helps because when I arrived, that was one of the things that I thought of. I wondered if people would understand me in English, but everywhere you go, people understand English, which helped me adjust.

Are you planning on learning Dutch?

Yes, I actually started learning Dutch online, so let’s hope that after I finish my studies, in two years, I will speak Dutch fluently.

What does international education mean to you?

It means that I can get information and education from different types of backgrounds. For example, here at ITC, there are teachers from many different countries. They all see a particular problem from a different perspective, so it’s really helpful to combine all of those experiences in one place.

Why do you think it is important to have multicultural classrooms?

Because coming from different backgrounds, we all have different ideas, and we can bring something different to the table. If we combine all of those ideas, we can come to better solutions.

What are your future plans?

After finishing the Master, I will probably apply for a job somewhere in Europe to get more experience and later on create my own company.