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Refresher Course Bhutan: Leave no one Behind Quantification and Mapping of SDG Indicators that identify the most vulnerable in today's Society

SDG indicators are internationally accepted metrics that have real impact within a country. The country’s professionals need to understand how they are defined, how data can be collected to assess them, and how to produce information on them that supports policy-makers in the pursuit of improving over the indicator scores. In many cases, maps and associated tables can tell the immediate story and are the best candidate to do so. Course attendants will learn how to make such information products, including maps.

Generally, the course will provide a quality boost in professional data practice. The hands-on training (and supported lectures) will equip the participants with methods that are adoptable in their organization and that allow introduction to management and staff. Our choice of SDG indicators will be such that work on other indicators can follow similar routines, that is, the course attendants will understand examples also as templates to follow.

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