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Rob Lemmens appointed as co-chair of AGILE council

During the annual conference of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE), Rob Lemmens has been appointed as new co-chair of the AGILE council. The AGILE 2023 conference is held in Delft from 13 to 16 June.

AGILE provides a permanent European-wide scientific forum for Geo-information science and earth observation, fostering networking and discussions on future European research agendas. In close cooperation with affiliate organisations, including industry and government, and associations at international level, AGILE sustains initiatives carried by its (currently 78) member organisations. Amongst these initiatives are PhD schools, open software development, fora on education development, on ethics, etc.

AGILE’s annual conference brings together researchers and educators for workshops, presentations and discussions on peer-reviewed full papers, short papers and posters. AGILE has recently advanced open science with its reproducibility initiative as a spearhead, in which conference papers can earn a reproducibility badge. Its proceedings are pubished as open access. The AGILE council coordinates the activities within the association. Councillors are nominated and elected by the member organisations.  Visit AGILE at https://agile-online.org/.  

About Rob Lemmens

At the University of Twente, Rob Lemmens is an assistant professor at the Department of Geoinformation Processing at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC). He holds a PhD in Geoinformatics from Delft University of Technology. He has expertise in semantic modelling, geo web technology, spatial data infrastructures, interoperability standards, volunteered geoinformation, workflow modelling and open source software development. Rob worked as a visiting scientist at Google in Mountain View, at City University of New York and at George Washington University, Washington, D.C., focusing on semantic models for collaborative mapping.

Rob has been involved in organising several hackathons, and mapathons together with the Red Cross. He has worked in technology deployment and capacity building in Africa and Asia. In two European COST projects he co-created a VGI Knowledge Portal and co-edited a book on citizen science. He co-authored several publications on using the semantic web in learning environments, geoprocessing and geodata discovery. He is lead architect for ontology development for the Living Textbook application, which is currently deployed as editing tool for the EO/GI Body of Knowledge (http://www.eo4geo.eu/). Under the Ingenuity program, he leads two projects, on modularising education into fine-granular shareable content, and expertise matching.