Faculty of ITC leading in geospatial research

The faculty of ITC won the Geospatial World Awards Leadership Award for ‘Research, Science & Technology Institution of the Year’. The award coincides with the launch of the faculty's new Geoversity platform. The award was handed out at the Geospatial World Forum held in Rotterdam on 13-16 May 2024.

The Jury of the Geospatial World Forum 2024 has voted for The Faculty Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) at the University of Twente for the GWF Leadership Awards under the category of ‘Research, Science & Technology Institution of the Year’. The Jury’s verdict reads: “recognising its remarkable contributions and leadership in the field. ITC, University of Twente is known for its path-breaking and collaborative approach to educational and research activities and addressing complex global challenges to promote sustainable development. Its initiatives have garnered widespread attention and appreciation.”

“Ranked among the Top 10 in the world, the institute's mission revolves around harnessing geospatial solutions to tackle pressing national and global issues such as climate change, population growth, food security, water management, and disaster resilience. The Jury acknowledges the institute’s pivotal role in advancing scientific research and technological innovation for social and environmental benefits” the organisation stated at the gala celebrated on May 14th at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam.

Geoversity platform

During the Geospatial World Forum, ITC celebrated the launch of its new lifelong learning platform called Geoversity. At Geoversity you can expand your knowledge and skills in a global community of learners. “It is the premier lifelong learning platform for high-quality geospatial content. Our mission is to gather the geospatial community in digital space”, explains Héctor Garcia, Marketing and Communication lead of Geoversity.

Learners from all around the world can now access Geoversity.io to indulge in geospatial content and enrol in courses

Geoversity was launched by ITC Faculty and the University of Twente, to become the go-to platform for learners and organisations that want to keep up with the latest insights, knowledge and technological developments in the geospatial domain.

More information

The Geospatial World Forum is the annual gathering of geospatial professionals and leaders representing the entire ecosystem of public policies, national mapping agencies, private sector enterprises, multilateral and development organisations, scientific and academic institutions, and large end-users from government businesses and citizen services.

The theme of this year's gathering was ‘Geospatial Transition: Powering World Economy’ to emphasise showcasing various facets of the ongoing global transition and the utility and impact of the geospatial industry in transitioning towards a sustainable economy.

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