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PARATUS Project nominated for Polish Smart Development Award: Project of the Future

The ITC-led project “Promoting Disaster Preparedness and Resilience by Co-developing Stakeholder Support Tools for Managing the Systemic Risk of Compounding Disasters", PARATUS, has been nominated for the Polish Smart Development Award 2023 in the category: Project of the Future.

PARATUS, along with Polish project partner organisation, the Association of the Centre for System Solutions, was recognised by the award organisers for the results to date of the project, and its potential to result in a positive impact on socio-economic development. The nomination was also awarded for an open approach to promotion and communication with the public, in presenting the importance of the benefits of the implemented solution.

The prestigious award is given to innovative and impactful projects with Polish partners whose way of acting and thinking already or in the future influences the intelligent and sustainable development of the life of society and the economy.

PARATUS, the EU-funded Horizon Europe Project, aims to co-develop an open-source platform for dynamic risk assessment to evaluate multi-hazard impact chains and to provide risk reduction measures to reduce dynamic risk. PARATUS adopts a user-centred approach. The PARATUS team work on a standardized participatory methodology and a toolbox for co-developing decision support tools for optimal actions to reduce the impact of multi-hazards. Various stakeholders have been involved in the co-design and co-development of the platform, scenarios and serious games.

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