Student life

Extracurricular activities

Social, sporting and cultural opportunities

Extracurricular_Copyright Gerard Kuster
Ice skating in the centre of Enschede: a yearly event that attracts considerable interest (© Gerard Kuster)

Student Association Board (SAB)

An elected Student Association Board (SAB) represents the student body on academic and non-academic issues and organises social activities.

Social and cultural events

Outside study hours, course participants can relax together in the Schermerhorn Lounge at the International Hotel, enjoy regular social events and exchange cultural experiences.

Three yearly events that attract considerable interest and are a great deal of fun are the international cultural evening, when course participants perform traditional musical and dance routines from their home countries; the annual sports day, which brings together competitors from all the international education institutes throughout the Netherlands; and the international food festival, when course participants prepare traditional gourmet dishes for anyone within the ITC community to try.


Excursions are arranged to major tourist attractions in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries.


Sports enthusiasts will be in their element, with modern facilities available for indoor soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, fitness, squash, etc.

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