Our Faculty


A gateway for international knowledge exchange



Providing international education the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation aims at capacity building and institutional development of professional and academic organisations and individuals specifically in countries that are economically and/or technologically less developed.


The education is based on knowledge exchange between scientific and professional organizations in less developed countries on the one hand and those in the Western world on the other, whereby ITC acts as a two-directional gateway for knowledge exchange.

Knowledge field

The knowledge field of ITC is geo-information science and earth observation, which consists of a combination of tools and methods for the collection - through aerospace survey techniques -, storage and processing of geo-spatial data, for the dissemination and use of these data and of services based on these data.


ITC's approach is application-oriented, directed at finding solutions for and strengthening civil society in addressing issues of local, national and global dimensions such as the multifunctional use of scarce resources, including space, the effects of climate change and environmental security.

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