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Caroline Gevaert nominated for 'Science Talent 2021'

ITC scientist Caroline Gevaert is selected as the nominee from the University of Twente to become the national scientific talent of the year. The contest is organized by the New Scientist, and voting is until May 3rd.

Together with fourteen other researchers, Gevaert has a chance of winning the New Scientist prize. From the top five that follow after voting, a jury will choose three candidates who will go through to the final on 10 June in Amsterdam. The 'Science Talent' award from the popular science magazine is intended 'to give the research of young scientists a platform'.

Gevaert's research aims to map slums more accurately with the aid of 3D images, drones and algorithms. This could help city planners determine spatial planning, plan facilities and protect against disasters. The ITC researcher was awarded a Veni grant at the end of last year.

Making slums more liveable

The research of Caroline Gevaert can make a major contribution to making slums more liveable. "The images available from satellites or other aerial images are often not up to date, because situations in such a district can change rapidly. The images are also often expensive and vague. I take razor-sharp, up-to-date images and convert them into 3D. That offers unprecedented insight. This helps if, for example, new facilities such as a hospital need to be built. Where would be the best place for it? It's all about better living conditions," says Caroline Gevaert.

Cast a vote

Fifteen talented researchers have a chance to win. If you want to know more about the talents and their research, please visit their profile pages. You can vote on the voting page.

R. Kwakman MSc (Robin)
Communication Advisor (Faculty ITC)