Third international workshop at ITC huge success

From December 2nd till December 7th, 22 young PhD-students, post-docs and assistant professors attended the third international workshop for Students and New Professionals (SNP) at ITC. The academics from SNP came from all over the world to investigate the technology opportunities for sensing health effects of weather and climate change. Hamed Mehdipoor, chair of the SNP-group says: “It was a huge success because the group members made a lot of new connections.”

The goal of the workshop was to update and connect members of the SNP-group who are studying the effect of weather and climate change on human, animal, and plant health. Therefore the workshop focused on the following goals:

  • Investigating novel sensing technologies.
  • Grouping health-related SNP and ISB members.
  • Disseminate the matched health sensing problems/solutions.
  • Connect with the medical sensing community.
  • Build consortia for further projects.

Hamed received a €30,000 grant from the International Society of biometeorology and the S. W. Tromp Foundation to hold the workshop and support the travel costs to the Netherlands of participants. The workshop was supported by MESA+ and DroneExpert NL.