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User's Guide

ILWIS Documentation version 3

The links in this page are also available at the 52North site, in the section on ILWIS 3.0 documentation. At 52North there is also documentation available for newer versions of ILWIS.

ILWIS 3.0 came with a fully updated User's Guide.

The ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide is intended for those who want to know how ILWIS 3.0 is used in basic GIS and Image Processing operations. It trains the skills you need to work with ILWIS, including explanations and procedures for first time users in addition to topics for more advanced users. It provides numerous exercises to practice GIS techniques and Image Processing operations and can be used both by persons that want to learn how to work with ILWIS by themselves, or in a course environment.

ILWIS 3.1 and beyond

Quick introduction to ILWIS 3.1

Data (.ZIP, 679 kB)

Introduction to ILWIS 3.1 (in Chinese)

use same data as above

Unesco-Rapca, Capacitación en SIG, Ejercicios SIG (in Spanish)

Dos ejercicios básicos y 12 casos de estudio para el análisis de amenazas, vulnerabilidad y riesgo (texto + datos)

Calculation of hydromorphological parameters for a catchment  (in English)

Determinación de parámetros y características hidrogeomorfológicas de una cuenca  (in Spanish)

Data (.ZIP, 1.0 MB)

ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide

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