ITCEO4allNewsEO4ALL contributes to the QGIS User Conference and contributor meeting in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

EO4ALL contributes to the QGIS User Conference and contributor meeting in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The QGIS User Conference (UC - was a two-day in-person conference featuring presentations and workshops for getting up to date with the latest QGIS facts and features! This event, usually held annually, was the first after the covid pandemic. Therefore, there was great expectation, and 200 participants worldwide attended it. The ITC ingenuity project EO4all contributed to both events with the participation of Rosa Aguilar as member of the Local Organizer Committee.

The Contributor Meeting (CM -'s-Hertogenbosch), previously called QGIS hackfest, is a volunteer-driven event where contributors to the QGIS project from around the world get together in a shared space. The event is typically three days, and the community usually holds two events each year. It was the first time that The Netherlands hosted such a meeting. In addition to Rosa’s contribution as a member of the LOC, ITC sponsored the CM (Titanium sponsorship).

Embracing open science principles, Rosa configured a Zenodo community where several of the presentations given during the event are publicly available, discoverable and citeable. The community is accesible at

The conference drew a lot of attention, and attendee's impressions (greatly positive) were reported in several blog entries. Some of them are listed below.


Blog entries:

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