ITCExcercises and materialsChapter 7 - Nicosia

Chapter 7 - Nicosia

Methodological demonstration for Chapter 7 “Role of public spaces in promoting social interaction in divided cities. The case of Nicosia, Cyprus” (pp.103-119

Marija Kukoleca, Ana Mafalda Madureira, Javier Martinez
Methodological demonstration by André Mano

This case analyses the ability of public spaces in the divided city of Nicosia to facilitate social interaction. It uses a mixed method design, building an index of social interaction to quantify the ability of public spaces to promote social interaction, and conducting expert interviews to design and validate the index and its results.

For this demonstration, we provide the geometries of the public spaces and the standardized criteria values used to build the index of social interaction. These come in the form of shapefiles (.shp) and comma separated values (.csv) containing the standardized criteria values calculated according to the methodology described by the authors of the study.

From here a series of GIS-based visualizations are suggested in order to get a reading of the data and assess the social dimension of the public spaces at hand.