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Water resources

Security and sustainable development of our water resources is one of the key problems of the 21st century. Improved water management can make a significant contribution to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to availability and sustainable management of water resources. Many international initiatives such as the Global Earth Observation System of Systems have identified earth observation as the key to helping to solve the world’s water problems.

The availability of spatial information on water resources will enable closure of the water budget at river basin scales to the point where effective water management is possible. More and more trans-boundary River Basin Organizations use satellite derived information for water management purposes. Floods, droughts, water quality, water-ecosystem and soil-water-climate interactions, and the sustainability of water resources are important issues in water resources management and hydrology. Course participants are exposed to developments in geo-information science and earth observation for assessment, monitoring and prediction purposes in the fields of water resources, hydrology and environmental management.

Our courses

Courses in the water resources domain acquaints participants with the most recent knowledge on the use of earth observation and geo-information techniques for quantifying components of the water cycle. This information can then be used in water resources assessment and management.

MSc topics

An MSc research project in the water resources domain is typically connected to one of the research areas of ITC’s department of Water Resources:

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Career perspectives

Courses in the water resources domain provide a unique opportunity for hydrologists, water resources managers, decision makers and practitioners to combine their experience and (field) knowledge with recent advances in the use of space technology and computational methods for water resources and environmental management.

From professor to student to change leader

Name: Prof. Dr. Derrick M. Denis (India)
Position: Professor and Dean at Vaugh School of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
Student at ITC: 2011-2013

When Derrick M. Denis of Allahabad, India, first sat down in an ITC lecture hall in the Dutch city of Enschede, he had some adjustments to make. Later, he became an agent for change himself.

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