ITCExcercises and materialsChapter 19 - Kigali

Chapter 19 - Kigali

Methodological demonstration for Chapter 19“Towards Equitable Urban Residential Resettlement in Kigali, Rwanda” (pp.325-343)

Alice Nikuze, Richard Sliuzas, Johannes Flacke
Methodological demonstration by André Mano

Using the case of Kigali, Rwanda, an analysis of spatial relocation options of urban households affected by natural disasters-induced displacement is conducted using a GIS-based multi-criteria technique. To that end, accessibility models are developed to assess proximity to a series of urban amenities that are then weighted in order to identify the most suitable areas for resettlement and to predict to what extent of the affected citizens would benefit or not, leading to their impoverishment, in case of resettlement.