ITCExcercises and materialsChapter 15 - Arnhem Nijmegen

Chapter 15 - Arnhem Nijmegen

Methodological demonstration for Chapter 15“Planning for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) using a TOD index” (pp.267-280)

Yamini Jain Singh, Johannes Flacke, Mark Zuidgeest, Martin van Maarseveen
Methodological demonstration by André Mano

In order to assess transit efficiency, for the case of Arnhem and Nijmegen City two distinct Transit Oriented Development (TOD) indexes are developed: the actual TOD index measuring TOD indexes around existing transit nodes (train stations) and the Potential TOD aimed at identifying areas that are potential locations for transit connectivity. The TOD indexes presented in this methodological documentation use less variables compared with what the book chapter describes due to restrictions related to data usage and distribution. However, the steps to take would essentially be the same regardless of the number of variables that are taken into account.