ITCExcercises and materialsChapter 13 - Christchurch

Chapter 13 - Christchurch

Methodological demonstration for Chapter 13“Stakeholder based road assessment: a multiple criteria analysis for designing cycle routes with differing target populations” (pp.225-242)

Amy Butler, Mark Brussel, Martin  van Maarseveen, Glen Koorey
Methodological demonstration by André Mano

The book chapter describes how population preferences can be weighted to systematically highlight the bicycle-friendly scores of all junctions and segments along a route according to the perception of various target populations.

For this demonstration we provide two sets of segments and two sets of junctions representing two distinct bike routes. These come in the form of shapefiles (.shp) whose attribute table already has the weighting values for each criteria calculated according to the methodology described by the authors of the chapter.

From here a series of weighed average calculations are performed. The result is then styled to highlight the key characteristics of each route and also which is the best cycle route.