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Urban planning

The core objectives of urban planning and management are seen as understanding dynamic urban processes and developing effective interventions that contribute to the development of competitive, compact, sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities. geo-information and geo-information technology play a vital role in supporting these objectives.

The MSc degree course in urban planning and management integrates knowledge of, and skills in, geo-information technology with current themes in the field of urban planning and management. Themes include urban poverty, urban transport, infrastructure and public services, disaster preparedness and mitigation, urban environmental planning, land use and land tenure, participatory GIS, and spatial planning and decision support systems.

Our courses

Our courses in the urban planning and management domain facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving for development purposes.

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Career perspectives

Graduates of the Urban Planning and Management course will be able to work in advisory, operational, technical and executive functions related to urban and regional planning. This includes functions such as town planner, transport planner, consultant for metropolitan development, policy advisor, public service administrator, local government officer, community development worker, environmental manager or government social research officer.

Urban developer with a heart for people

Name: Bolatito Dayo-Bababtunde (Nigeria)
Position: Development Control Officer at the Abuja Department of Development Control
Studied Urban Planning and Management: from 2013-2015

Bolatito Dayo-Bababtunde manages land use and urban development in Nigeria’s capital city. Studying at ITC was a major step in managing her own development as a female professional.

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