Shaping the Future

About the programme

The Tenure Track position is open to highly talented academics with the potential to become a professor. As an indication, the Tenure Track for a candidate starting at the level of Lecturer runs for around ten years, upon successful completion of which the candidate will be promoted to the position of Full Professor. Talented academics who are allowed to participate in the Tenure Track can count on a warm welcome and thorough assistance.

Our aims

Improve the appeal of the university to talented scientists

Innovation in research and improvement of quality

Facilitate internal opportunities; key positions to be fileld and trained internally

Increase job mobility


The University of Twente encourages and supports professional developments of employees, teams and managers, through a customized offer of training, coaching and organizational advice.

Naturally, completion of a didactic study programme and compliance with the education and research criteria for UT positions at various levels is standard. Achievement of a University Teaching Qualification (and later, a Senior University Teaching Qualification) is a mandatory element of professional development for teaching staff.

The level of knowledge of the English language must meet level C1 of the criteria as described in the Common European Framework of Reference. Level B2 is a minimum requirement for the Dutch language. Each tenure track participant must meet the criteria for each level as established in the current ITC tenure track policy.

Special attention is given to the applicable competencies (soft skills) for each level. Every new tenure track employee must complete a developmental assessment at the start of his or her appointment. This assessment will be repeated for promotion from lecturer to senior lecturer and from senior lecturer to Professor.

The developmental assessment forms the basis for a targeted personal development & support plan and is a structural element for assessment for the next step of the track. An independent external assessment agency conducts the assessments. Members of the tenure track committee are trained to interpret the results of the assessment. We offer a specific training programme. In addition, we support the tenure track in the form of a start-up-package, amongst others. 

Career path

The Tenure Track position is open to exceptionally talented academics, who are expected (in the opinion of the appointment advisory committee) to develop to the level of professor. A Tenure Track has an (indicative) duration of 10-13 years from intake at assistant professor level 2 to eventual promotion to level 2 professor. A Tenure Track is characterised by individually formulated performance objectives for each career stage, geared towards the individual’s field of practice.

If a Tenure Tracker meets the performance objectives as formulated in the Tenure Track, then he/she can be promoted to assistant professor level 1. The position of assistant professor is the career stage that follows to the position of associate professor level 2. The next level, associate professor level 1 may be reached. Within the Tenure Track, this level will give the right for promotion (to award a doctoral degree), and is being referred to as 'adjunct professor'. The adjunct professor is a professor as described in art. 9.19 of the Higher Education and Research Act and has the ius promovendi (the right to supervise a doctoral candidate).

However, the adjunct professor only supervises the doctoral candidates allocated directly to the adjunct professor. The adjunct professor may use the title of professor and may wear a toga to participate in formal events for professors (e.g. the opening of the academic year). However, the inaugural lecture takes place on promotion to level 2 professor.

Adjunct professorship is only open to associate professors level 2 from the Tenure Track. The adjunct professor (associate professor level 1 salary scale) is permanently employed by the UT and appointed for a maximum term of 5 years. He/she has 5 years within which to develop his/her own field of research further. The objective is for the Tenure Tracker to transfer to the position of level 2 professor.

What our Tenure Trackers say
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