Tenure Track at ITC
Shaping the Future .

The scientific domain of the faculty of ITC is changing almost continuously, sometimes slowly and by times more rapidly. Questions and challenges from society are changing and the scientific domain has to position itself. In order to deal with this, the composition of the chairs representing the knowledge nodes in the faculty is changing as well.

Continuous growth

To accommodate for this, and hence to keep the faculty modern, ITC aims to have a continuous growth of new staff at the leading positions. This should help to focus both on actual problems and on long-term developments.

ITC has established a professional tenure track system, which is in place since 2009. It became fully in line with academic requirements after the merge with the University of Twente in 2010. The system adjusts itself regularly to remain in line with the latest developments in HR. Critical and determinental in its operations are the academic requirements from the changing domain plans.

Our vision
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Find out more on our vision on talent development through our Tenure Track Programme.


A successful candidate in a tenure track is able to perform at the highest academic level. In order to comply, tenure track at ITC has criteria formulated for candidates at the different academic levels. A knowledge node should fit into the departmental structure.

Finally, a candidate should be prospective both for the near future, as well as in a foreseen role in the future. The tenure track system is under constant vigilance of the human resources department at the University of Twente and so far has supported, monitored and evaluated some twenty candidates, of which several have now reached the adjunct professor status.

How the programme works
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Tom Veldkamp
Dean of the University of Twente's Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

Alfred Stein
Chair Tenure Track Commission

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