Project services

Project services

ITC carries out various research and educational projects in economically less developed countries.

Project services often serve as a follow-up to alumni and their organisations. Since the foundation of ITC, a variety of project assignments, more than 1000, were completed around the world. The majority of the projects emphasise institutional development and capacity building.

The types of project services that are offered are: Advisory services, Institutional development, Contract research and development, and Contract training.

Our expertise

ITC's multidisciplinary and problem-oriented approach focuses on the use and provision of geo-information and earth observation.

Types of services

The types of project services that are offered are

Clients and partners

Over the years, ITC has built up a large clientele in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Major projects

An overview of major projects.

ITC projects database

The ITC projects database lists the application of ITC's expertise in different projects.

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