Résumé of dr. J.M. (Javier) Morales



ISI Journal Articles

Belete, G.F., Voinov, A.A. and Morales, J.M. (2017) Designing the Distributed Model Integration Framework – DMIF. In: Environmental modelling and software, 94 (2017) pp. 112-126. Full text | Full text

Morales, J.A., Flacke, J., Morales, J.M. and Zevenbergen, J.A. (2017) Mapping Urban Accessibility in Data Scarce Contexts Using Space Syntax and Location-Based Methods : open access. In: Applied spatial analysis and policy, (2017) IN PRESS, 24 p. Full text | Full text

Voinov, A.A., Arodudu, O.T., van Duren, I.C., Morales, J.M. and Qin, L. (2015) Estimating the potential of roadside vegetation for bioenergy production. In: Journal of cleaner production, 102 (2015), pp. 213-225. Full text | Full text

Morales, J.M. and de By, R.A. (2014) Cyber - applications as gateway to data - rich digital earth systems. In: International Journal of Digital Earth, 7 (2014)7 pp. 576-593. Full text | Full text

Ivanova, I., Morales, J.M., de By, R.A., Beshe, T.S. and Gebresilassie, M.A. (2013) Searching for spatial data resources by fitness for use. In: Journal of spatial science, 58 (2013)1 pp. 15-28. Full text | Full text

Köbben, B.J., de By, R.A., Foerster, T., Huisman, O., Lemmens, R.L.G. and Morales, J.M. (2010) Using the SDIlight approach in teaching a geoinformatics master : research article. In: Transactions in GIS, 14 (2010)s1 pp. 25-37. Full text | Full text

de By, R.A., Lemmens, R. and Morales, J.M. (2009) A skeleton design theory for spatial data infrastructure : methodical construction of SDI nodes and SDI networks. In: Earth science informatics, 2 (2009)4 pp. 299-313. Full text | Full text

Other Refereed Journal Articles

Turdukulov, U.D., Blok, C.A., Köbben, B.J., Morales, J.M., Duc Ha, N., Long, H.N. and Iswari, L. (2010) Challenges in data integration and interoperability in geovisual analytics + erratum. In: Journal of location based services, 4 (2010)3-4 pp. 166-182. Full text | Full text | Full text

Book Chapters

Morales, J.M. and García Álvarez, M.G. (2015) GeoSmart Cities : event - driven geoprocessing as enabler of smart cities. In: Proceedings of the first IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015), 24-28 October 2015, Guadalajara, Mexico. Piscataway: IEEE, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-4673-6552-9. 6 p. Full text | Full text

Iswari, L., Turdukulov, U.D. and Morales, J.M. (2010) Back end support for information retrieval of trajectory dataset : case study : iceberg movements in Antartica. In: Proceedings 2010 8th International conference on ICT and knowledge engineering, 24-25 November 2010, Bangkok, Thailand. - ; IEEE, 2010. ISBN 978-1-4244-9875-8. pp. 5-12. Full text | Full text

Stoter, J.E., Morales, J.M., Lemmens, R.L.G., Meijers, B.M., van Oosterom, P.J.M., Quak, C.W., Uitermark, H.T. and van den Brink, L. (2008) A data model for multi - scale topographical data. In: Headway in spatial data handling : proceedings of the 13th international symposium on Spatial Data Handling, SDH 2008 / ed. by A. Ruas and C. Gold. Berlin : Springer, 2008. ISBN 978-3-540-68565-4 (Lecture Notes in Geoinformaton and Cartography ) pp. 233-254. Full text

Bishr, M., Wytzisk, A. and Morales, J.M. (2007) GeoDRM : towards digital management of intellectual property rights for the SDI. In: Research and theory in advancing spatial data infrastructures concepts / H.J. Onsrud. Redlands : ESRI, 2007. ISBN 978-1-58948-162-6. pp. 245-260. Full text | Full text

PhD theses

Morales, J.M. and Vissers, C.A. (promoter)  (2004) Model - driven design of geo - information services. Enschede, ITC, 2004. ITC Dissertation 110, CTIT PhD thesis series 03-61, ISBN: 90-6164-222-1. Full text

Conference Proceedings (full papers)

Gharibi, A., Huisman, O. and Morales, J.M. (2015) A geospatial metadata catalog service (MCS) for transmission pipeline operators. In: Maps connecting the world : proceedings of ICC 2015 : 27th international cartographic conference : 16th general assembly : 23-28 August 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / edited by C.R. Sluter ... [et al]. Rio de Janeiro: International Cartographic Association, 2015. ISBN: 978-85-88783-11-9. 15 p. Full text | Full text

García Álvarez, M.G., Ivanova, I., Dilo, A. and Morales, J.M. (2013) Representing positional uncertainty of individual and aggregated trajectories of moving objects. In: Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013). New York: ACM Press, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-4503-2521-9. pp. 426-429. Full text | Full text

Ramonllari, E., Köbben, B.J. and Morales, J.M. (2011) SDImobile : open source geo - webservices for mobile data capture in cadastral applications. In: LBS 2011 proceedings : 8th symposium on location - based services, Vienna, 21-23 November 2011 / editor G. Gartner, , F. Ortag. - Wien : Vienna University of Technology, 2011. - 333 p. ; 19 cm. pp. 245-256. Full text

Ivanova, I., Morales, J.M., Gebresilassie, M.A. and de By, R.A. (2011) Searching for spatial data resources by fitness for use. In: Proceedings of the 7th international symposium on spatial data quality, 12-14 October 2011, Coimbra, Portugal / ed. by C.C. Fonte, L.M.S. Gonçalves and G. Gonçalves. - Coimbra : Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores de Coimbra (INESC Coimbra), 2011. - 213 p. ISBN: 978-989-95055-8-2. pp. 127-132. Full text

Morales, J.M. and de By, R.A. (2009) Design templates for real - time geo - processing workflows. In: Proceedings of the 6th international symposium on digital earth : Digital earth in action, 9-12 September 2009, Beijing China. Beijing : International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), 2009. 8 p. Full text

Foerster, T., Stoter, J.E. and Morales, J.M. (2009) Enhancing cartographic generalization processing with grid computing power. In: AGILE 2009 : Grid technologies for geospatial applications : Agile 2009 pre - conference workshop : June 2nd, 2009 Hanover, Germany. AGILE, 2009. 5 p. Full text | Full text

Köbben, B.J., Lemmens, R.L.G., Morales, J.M., de By, R.A. and Foerster, T. (2009) The SDI - light OSGEO stack at ITC. In: Proceedings of OSGIS : 1st open source GIS UK conference, 22nd June 2009, the Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, UK. - Nottingham : University of Nottingham, 2009. 6 p. Full text | Full text

Foerster, T., Morales, J.M. and Stoter, J.E. (2008) A classification of generalisation operators formalised in OCL. In: Proceedings of GI-days 2008 : interoperability and spatial processing in GI applications, 16-17 June 1008, Münster, Germany / ed. by E. Pebezma and T. Bartoschek. Münster : Institute for Geoinformatics, 2008. ISBN 978-3-93661654-5. pp. 141-156. Full text

Onchaga, R., Morales, J.M., Widya, I. and Nieuwenhuis, M. (2008) An ontology framework for quality of gepgraphical informatioin services. In: Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems ACM GIS 2008, Ivine, California, USA, 5-7 November, 2008. ACM, 2008. ISBN 978-0-60558-323. 4 p. Full text

Morales, J.M. (2006) Designing service - oriented spatial data infrastructures. In: Proceedings of the 26th annual ESRI user conference, 7-11 August 2006, San Diego, USA. Redlands : ESRI, 2006. paper UC1258. 8 p. Full text | Full text

van der Molen, P., Tuladhar, A.M., de Meijere, J.C., Morales, J.M., Lemmen, C.H.J., Loran, T.M. and van Elsland, P. (2006) New : a school for land administration studies. In: FIG 2006 : Proceedings of the conference : Shaping the change, XXIII FIG congress, Münich, Germany, 8-13 October 2006. Frederiksberg: International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), 2006. ISBN 87-90907-52-3. 12 p. Full text | Full text

Morales, J.M. and Radwan, M.M. (2004) Architecting distributed geo - information services beyond data infrastructures. In: ISPRS 2004 : proceedings of the XXth ISPRS congress : Geo-imagery bridging continents, 12-23 July 2004, Istanbul, Turkey. Comm. IV, WG IV/4. pp. 1227-1232. Full text

Morales, J.M. and Radwan, M.M. (2002) Extending geoinformation services : a virtual architecture for spatial data infrastructure : ISPRS commission IV, WG IV - 4. In: ISPRS 2002 : SDH 2002 : CIG 2002 : proceedings of the joint ISPRS commission IV symposium, Spatial Data Handling and 95th annual CIG geomatics conference : Geospatial theory, processing and applications, July 9-12, 2002 Ottawa, Canada. - Ottawa : Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG), 2002. CD-ROM. 7 p. Full text | Full text

Morales, J.M., Ferreira Pires, L. and van Sinderen, M. (2002) Model driven geo - information system's development. In: Proceedings of the 6th international enterprise distributed object computing conference EDOC, Lausanne, Switzerland September, 2002. IEEE, 2002. ISBN 0-7695-1742-0 pp. 155-166.

Morales, J.M., Radwan, M.M. and Sani, R. (2000) A methodology for architectural modelling of spatial information production processes in the context of business process reengeneering. In: ISPRS 2000 congress : geoinformation for all : Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 16-23 July, 2000. 9 p. Full text

Scientific and Professional Publications

Molendijk, M., Morales, J.M. and Lemmen, C.H.J. (2015) Light mobile collection tools for land administration : proof of concept from Colombia. In: GIM International, 29 (2015)11 pp. 20-23. Full text

Morales, J.M., Becht, R. and Munyao, J.N. (2015) Supporting sustainable water management in Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya : a water information system tailored for users. In: GIM International, 29 (2015)5 pp. 26-29. Full text

Foerster, T., Stoter, J.E. and Morales, J.M. (2009) Enhancing cartographic generalization processing with grid computing power and beyond. In: GIS Science : die zeitschrift fur Geoinformatik,  (2009)3 pp. 98-101. Full text

Brussel, M.J.G., Chambi Echegaray, G., Feringa, W.F., Morales, J.M., Sijmons, K., Knippers, R.A., Turkstra, J., de Meijere, J.C., Krol, B.G.C.M., van Westen, C.J., Rossiter, D.G. and Strobl, R.O. (2008) Atlas ambiental de Lima : Peru. Lima, Gráfica Biblos, 2008.

Morales, J.M. (2006) Designing service - oriented spatial data infrastructures. Full text

Morales, J.M. (2006) A framework for GI - services : towards service oriented spatial data infrastructure. In: GIM International, 20 (2006)3 pp. 30-33. Full text | Full text

Radwan, M.M., Onchaga, R. and Morales, J.M. (2001) A structural approach to the management of optimization of geoinformation processes. Frankfurt am Main, Institut für angewandte Geodäsie, 2001. ISBN: 3-89888-783-9. Full text


Morales, J.A., Flacke, J., Zevenbergen, J.A. and Morales, J.M. (2016) Combining space syntax and location - based methods to map urban accessibility : abstract + powerpoint. In: Book of abstracts of the 3rd Dortmunder Konferenz : Raummuster, Struktur, Dynamik, Planung, 22-23 February 2016, Dortmund, Germany. 1 p. + 13 slides. Full text | Full text

Morales, J.M. and García Álvarez, M.G. (2014) The geo-spatial analysis challenge to leverage smart-cities : powerpoint. Presented at: XVI symposio internacional SELPER, 29 September - 3 October 2014, Medellin, Colombia. 44 slides. Full text

Turdukulov, U.D., Blok, C.A., Köbben, B.J., Morales, J.M., Duc Ha, N., Long, H.N. and Iswari, L. (2010) Challenges in data integration and interoperability in GeoVisual analytics : powerpoint. Presented at GeoVAt - Geospatial Visual Analytics : Focus on Time : workshop at AGILE 2010, 10-11 May 2010, Guimaraes, Portugal. 22 slides. Full text

Foerster, T., Stoter, J.E. and Morales, J.M. (2009) Providing customized base maps in an SDI for physical planning : poster. Presented at the GSDI 11 World Conference : Spatial data infrastructure convergence : building SDI bridges to address global challenges, June 15-19, 2009, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Full text

de By, R.A. and Morales, J.M. (2008) Formal SDI development : the specification clash between nodes and network : abstract + powerpoint. In: Inspire conference, implementation and beyond : Maribor, Slovenia, 23-25 June 2008 : abstracts. / ed. by K. Fullerton and K. Miserez. Brussels, European Commission, 2008. ISBN 978-92-79-09260-2 pp. 32-34. Full text | Full text

Morales, J.M., de By, R.A. and Lemmens, R.L.G. (2008) On the design of sustainable SDI components. Presented at the 2008 Geospatial Infrastructure solutions onference, March 9-12, 2008, Seattle, Washington USA. 9 p. Full text

de By, R.A., Morales, J.M. and Lemmens, R.L.G. (2007) Methodical construction of sustainable SDI nodes. Presented at the 8th AfricaGIS conference and exhibition, 17- 21 September 2007, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. 10 p. Full text

Morales, J.M. (2006) On the design of service - oriented spatial data infrastructures : abstract + powerpoint. Presented at Geo Web 2006 conference Vancouver, Canada 24 - 28 July, 2006. 1 p. 44 slides. Full text | Full text

MSc theses

Morales, J.M. (1998) A workflow oriented design of "on - line" geoinformation services. Enschede, ITC, 1998.