Résumé of R.L.G. (Rob) Lemmens


Rob Lemmens graduated in 1989 at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy with a specialization in mathematical geodesy and point positioning. After a research period during his military service at the National Aerospace Laboratory, he joined the Faculty of Geodesy on a research project on GPS in bathymetric applications. From 1994 till 1998 he worked at the University of Zambia as project consultant and lecturer in the field of GIS and land surveying and was responsible for the development of the computer infrastructure at the Department of Surveying. In 1998 Rob joined the Division of Spatial Information Theory and Applied Computer Science at ITC, where he developed and executed several courses on core GIS topics, GIS application development and Internet GIS. He has been on consultancy missions for projects on GIS and geo-spatial data infrastructures in Africa and Asia. Currently he is carrying out his PhD research on Distributed Interoperable Processing in GIS at the ITC's Department of Geo-information Processing.

Activities in education

Rob's main educational activities includes lecturing in:

  • ITC's core module on GIS (entrance course for all ITC students): GFM programme co-ordinator 2000,
  • GIS application development 2000, 2001,
  • Web technology for GIS and mapping: Elective and MSc course module co-ordinator resp. 1998 – 2002, 1998 – till today.

Some titles of student projects that Rob has (co-) supervised in 2003:

Professional Master:

  • XML-based Clearing House for Mobile GIS,
  • Spatial Data Handling with OpenGIS,
  • Metadata Interface for Clearing Houses,
  • GIS process documentation to support interoperability – Disaster management case, Kathmandu.


  • Semantics and interoperability in Geo Web Services,
  • Design and implementation of distributed web services in a mobile GIS application,
  • Design and implementation of sensor metadata in a location-based information dissemination system on the internet,
  • XML database technology and its use for GML,
  • Use of web-based ontologies for geodata and service descriptions,
  • Geospatial data Interoperability model for the Indian NSDI.

Professional affiliations

  • OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) contact person for ITC,
  • AGILE contact person for ITC,
  • ISPRS Working group II/5 Secretary,
  • Member of Geo-Informatie Nederland (GIN),
  • TU Delft BETADE affiliate researcher.

Activities in research

Rob's research activities include topics on Internet GIS, mobile GIS and Interoperability which mainly centre around his PhD research. Here, the objective is to design a methodology that facilitates on demand geo-processing in a distributed GIS environment. In this case on demand geo-processing refers to the combination of processes that have to be carried out by a distributed GIS to perform a specific GIS task, being a spatial query, statistical calculation, overlay, or any combination of GIS operations induced by an end-user at a specific intelligence level. In 2002 and 2003 work was done in the field of semantic interoperability, web services and ontology engineering. The research is embedded in two ongoing ITC research projects: TGDI and SLARIM.

Activities in capacity development

Projects that Rob participated in during 2001-2003:

  • EU project on Geo-processing networks in a European territorial interoperability study (GETIS),
  • Refresher course on Geospatial Data-infrastructures in Southern Africa (GDISA),
  • Refresher course on Geospatial Data-infrastructures in Eastern Africa (GDIEA),
  • GEONEDIS, training module on Web Technology for GIS and Mapping.


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Other Refereed Journal Articles

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PhD theses

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Scientific and Professional Publications

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