Résumé of W.J. (Willy) Kock


My basic education was mainly graphics orientated. Because of this education and my experience in working in graphic arts companies, I was appointed at ITC in 1981 as "Praktijkdocent" in graphic techniques working for the educational programs in cartography. My main tasks consisted of lecturing and supervising practical exercises in cartographic production and reproduction techniques. From the start of computerization, I gradually began to teach in digital cartographic techniques and my position changed into "Praktijkdocent" Cartography. After 1995 I specialized in Topographic mapping, photo-and image mapping, 3D mapping.

Activities in education

Teaching is my main task at ITC: Preparing lecture notes and exercise descriptions, teaching, supervising practical exercises and student projects, mainly for the integrated Geo-informatics courses at Technician level (GFM4) and Professional Masters level (GFM3). My subjects are: data collection, geo-data processing, topographic mapping, photo-and image mapping, geographic information systems.

Activities in research

I am involved in creating practical applications on a long-term project on visual representation of temporal geospatial data.

Activities in capacity development

I have worked in the following consulting projects:

  • Courses in photo mapping, Saudi-Arabia
  • Design and set-up of a cartographic training laboratory, Nigeria
  • Teaching in map production techniques, Iran
  • Recently, I was involved in the design and creation of a cartographic model for the object oriented Top10Vector of the "Topografische Dienst Nederland